History of Storytree
Storytree was founded in 2005 in response to the racial abuse suffered by my daughter at school. I felt I wanted to do something more positive and pro-active in promoting cultural awareness particularly amongst children and to nurture increased understanding of self and of others.

With my musical background and life experience I developed a Caribbean Storytelling music and art Workshop, using traditional songs and stories told in the ‘patois’ and a market stall to introduce the children to the different fruits and vegetables of the Caribbean.

I work with a technician who has excellent music and technical skills.The children are immersed in the culture of the Caribbean and this raises awarenes of our similarities as well as our differences. All involved with Storytree are DBS Checked.

Storytree Today
Since 2005 we have taken these workshops to hundreds of schools. We have also visited colleges, festivals such as Glastonbury, early years centres, community centres, theatres and museums and the feedback to date has been excellent!

We have identified a definite need for these services in schools and other educational establishments as the issues surrounding diversities are sometimes difficult to be fully expressed by teachers.

Storytree is designed to raise cultural awareness in a fun and innovative way in the community throughout the South West.

All participatory workshops and events are tailored to suit the needs of a broad range of audience groups. Participants have benefited through increased levels of self-confidence, greater opportunities for social interaction. Also impacting on physical and emotional well being as well as opportunities for social interaction.