Caribbean Storytelling Workshops -
Reception to Keystage 2

Storytree's Caribbean storytelling workshops are a whole day, whole school experience working with up to 200 children promoting cultural awareness & diversity to children aged 4–11 years (reception to Keystage 2). Children are taught about Caribbean culture, food, climate, songs, geography, citizenship and the commonwealth.

The workshop is broken into 3 parts with singing, music and storytelling, the main focus of the day. Our market stall provides a platform for the fruits and vegetables and national dishes.

During the workshop, children learn songs and chanting, which are recorded using a portable studio. Copies of the recordings are provided to each class 'as a memento etc.

Storytree is unique in its content and delivery. The advantages of our workshops are that the children become more aware and are more open to other cultures. The learning styles used are enjoyable and relaxed and as a result the children leave the sessions motivated and with a positive outlook on different cultures.

Delivery of the workshop is fun, innovative, relaxed and inclusive. As a result, the children learn more than they realise in a condensed time. The subject matter leads them to challenge prejudice and preconceptions in later life.

The advantage for the school is that the workshop covers a number of areas of the national curriculum, including history, geography, art, music, literacy, numeracy and citizenship. This is all pre-prepared and there is minimal input required from the school.

The children benefit by learning about alternative cultures, PSHE – personal, social & health education.

Diverse Britain - Keystage 2 & Keystage 3 Workshops
Storytree's 'Diverse Britain' workshops aims to give children across the KS2 & KS3 age range(age 7-14) an understanding of how people from minority ethnic groups came to this country and settled. Gloria will use the experiences of herself and her family as a starting point. Through this approach children will gain insights into the personal experiences of people who migrated to Britain, their hopes and motivations, developing a foundation for positive responses to diversity. With Gloria’s vibrant story telling skills, and accompanying music provided by Roger Cawsey, the workshop will provide children with an unforgettable experience.

This workshop will help children to develop their knowledge and understanding of the diverse nature of British society and will tie in with National Curriculum aims such as: 'promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils’ and ‘prepare pupils at the school for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life'.

Some key elements of the workshop
Starting points - Gloria will introduce herself and give a potted history about why her parents came here, her early memories, her experience of infant and primary school, and how it felt to be 'different'.

This will be an interactive workshop and Gloria will use photographs, film and music to bring events to life. At each stage there will be a chance for children and staff to ask questions. She will also introduce well known people from minority ethnic groups through the decades up to the present day.

The workshop will be flexible and Gloria will work with small or large groups as necessary.

Learning Outcomes
1. Children know some of the reasons why Britain has become such a diverse nation since World War 2, based on a knowledge of:
  • British history (Empire/Commonwealth)
  • Jamaican history(and other countries)
  • Push factors
  • Pull factors
  • Bristol connection

    2. Children know about and empathise with some of the difficulties experienced by families moving here:
  • Family separation
  • Weather
  • Racism
  • Housing

  • 3. Children know and feel positive about some of the richness that migrant communities have brought to Britain:
  • Stories/literature
  • History
  • Music/carnival/instruments
  • Food
  • Languages
  • Clothes/fashion
  • Economy / international trade, eg clothes/food.

  • 4. Children know and feel positive about the huge diversity in Britain today and feel linked to the world as a whole:
  • Understand that you and lots of other ‘Black/Brown’ people are British
  • Realise that you can’t tell from what someone looks like whether they are British or not.

  • 5. Children know that moving from place to place and country to country is a common feature of 21st century life:
  • Movement within Britain
  • Movement between countries (to and from Britain)

  • Booking
    Schools can contact Gloria direct to discuss workshops and possible dates.
    Her contact details are:    Telephone: 01823 977565